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  • Estancia El Venado, Cuartel 6to, Pila, Provincia de Buenos Aires, 7116, Argentina ·
  • 011-54-9-11-6059-2027 ·



Estancia El Venado was founded in the mid 1800’s when the river bordering it was the boundry between settled lands and Native lands.  The village of Pila 15 km away was a settler’s and millitary base with 2 forts and a town square.  The Estancia’s history is evident everywhere one looks.  The family still live in the original, updated Hacienda and use the original outbuildings and barns, which were built from adobe bricks taken from the earth here.

Juan Walker, the proprietor’s grandfather, purchased the Estancia in the 1920’s, and it has remained in the family every since.  Even the small 2 room schoolhouse down the road was donated by the family 60 years ago and marks the southern boundary of the original property.

Many of the trees in the garden were planted when El Venado was founded. There are Avenues of majestic Casuralinas, Platanos (Sycamore), and Eucalyptus throughout the Estancia; and beautiful Magnolias, Ombus, and many others living in the garden.

For four generations this historical Estancia has been and continues to be a working cattle, agricultural, and horse breeding ranch.  Guests can ride out across the fields  see vistas that have hardly changed since the area was frontier land.


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