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  • Estancia El Venado, Cuartel 6to, Pila, Provincia de Buenos Aires, 7116, Argentina ·
  • 011-54-9-11-6059-2027 ·

The Estancia

Established in 1878, Estancia El Venado has been in the Cendoya family for 4 generations.  It continues to be a working ranch of over 2500 acres; with cattle, farming, and horse breeding and training operations.
The family has lovingly maintained the original house.  Everything from the tall wooden shuttered windows and antique furniture to the mud bricks and wooden beams produced on the Estancia have their own history here at El Venado.  The main housing and barn complex is surrounded by 20+ acres of park.  Most of the trees around the house were planted when the Estancia was founded and are 150 years old.
They and the younger acacia forests provide a haven for hundreds of birds that are a contant reminder of our connection with nature.
Estancia El Venado is situated right on the Rio Salado. Guests can ride on horseback through the fields and pastures, kayak down the river through the deserted pampas grasslands, walk along the trails through the Estancia, and lounge by the pool or in a hammock.

Our family here at the Estancia El Venado have a long tradition of welcoming guests, and we hope that we will have the opportunity to introduce you to life on the pampas.



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