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  • Estancia El Venado, Cuartel 6to, Pila, Provincia de Buenos Aires, 7116, Argentina ·
  • 011-54-9-11-6059-2027 ·


Estancia El Venado is located about 180 km south of the city of Buenos Aires, about a 2.5 hour drive.

There are several ways to reach us:

Driving Directions:

From Buenos Aires take Ruta 2 (Autopista) south towards Mar Del Plata.  Once out of Buenos Aires the autopista will divide, the left side will head to La Plata and the right 2 lanes to Mar Del Plata.  Stay in the Right lanes in the direction of Mar Del Plata. Continue on Ruta 2 until you reach the town of Lezama.  Turn right onto 57 towards Pila (you will be on the south side of town and you will see a YPF service station on the right, on the Northwest corner of Ruta 2 and 57.  There will be a small green sign on the right side that says PILA).  Continue on 57 until you reach Pila.  As you come into Pila there will be a green sign on the right that says Al Centro, Chascomus.  There is also a YPF sign.  Follow these signs and turn right towards the center of Pila.  Stay on this road until it dead ends (You will pass the town plaza on your left and the YPF on your right.  It will turn into a dirt road, and end in a T with another dirt road.) Turn left on the dirt road.  After about 1km the road will divide (smaller dirt road goes straight and takes you into Pila, the larger main road goes right over a very small bridge), head to the right. Stay on this road approximately 15 km.  You will see the entrance to Estancia El Venado on the left hand side (if you reach a large bridge with pavement that crosses the river you have gone just a little bit too far.  Turn around and look for the entrance).  Once you are out of Pila and are on the main dirt road, DO NOT TURN OFF THIS ROAD.


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