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  • Estancia El Venado, Cuartel 6to, Pila, Provincia de Buenos Aires, 7116, Argentina ·
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Here at the Guest Ranch at Estancia Elvenado we love traditional Argentine food made with fresh, local ingredients.

One of the highlights of any trip to Argentina is our famous beef. Most of the cattle are raised in open pastures on estancias (ranches) and are still tended by gauchos on horseback. Not only is this life much more humane and natural, but it produces very high quality beef with a flavor you can’t find anywhere else. At the Guest Ranch at Estancia El Venado we buy our beef from our local village and use traditional Argentine recipes when preparing dishes. The butchers buy beef from local Estancias and they do all the butchering themselves. Besides fresh local beef we also serve fresh, locally made chorizos (beef sausages) and local farm raised chicken (totally different than the mass, factory-like chicken raising companies).

But it’s not ONLY about the beef. During our long growing season we also produce much of our own organic products that are used in our traditional Argentine dishes. We have over 3000 square feet of fantastically fertile organic gardening nirvana where we grow our own corn, potatoes, beans, lettuce, spinach, arugula, tomatoes of all kinds, mild and hot peppers, eggplants, greens, onions, summer and winter squash, melons, and much more. We are also beginning our own organic fruit production. Next year we hope to have strawberry beds, rasberry patches, cherries, grapes, kiwis, avocados, apples, etc. This is in addition to the already established orange and manderine orchard, peach and plum orchard, lemon trees, kumquat trees, and mispero trees.

Something you don’t want to miss if to speak about traditional Argentine food and while in Argenina is an asado (BBQ). It’s our way of celebrating practically EVERYTHING, and also our way of just enjoying the afternoon.

We can accomodate any special meal requirements. Vegetarian, vegan, or celiac? No problem, just let us know in advance and be ready for traditional Argentine dishes you won’t ever forget.



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