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  • Estancia El Venado, Cuartel 6to, Pila, Provincia de Buenos Aires, 7116, Argentina ·
  • 011-54-9-11-6059-2027 ·

Horseback Riding

Experience the Argentine Pampas on Horseback

There are no large group, single file trail rides here.  Head out on your own or with our guide to explore the Estancia.  Our horses are from traditional Spanish criollo bloodlines and they are tacked with authentic Gaucho saddles (called a Recado) and hand braided rawhide bridles.  (You can also choose a regular English saddle.)

A few of the many rides possible are a visit to the mares’ and foals’ pasture, a ride through the fields of sunflowers, or head down to the river at sunset.  You can head out with a packed picnic, or ride out to an old farmhouse for an asado (barbaque)  lunch outside with the horses.  If you’re up for a longer ride, a ride into town for dinner is an amazing experience.  We leave just before sunset for the 3 hour ride to the village.  We tie up the horses behind an amazing local restaurant, Gastronomade,  and have a fantastic gourmet dinner in a beautifully restored colonial house.  After a great meal (and probably a little wine 😉  we mount up for the ride home.  Many guests think this is the most unforgettable part, and that it’s a once in a lifetime experience.  You ride home down the dark, deserted road with the endless pampas on either side, and the bright field of  stars above stretching from one horizon to the other.  If a 6 hour ride is too much, we also offer a shorter night ride, so that everyone can share this experience.


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